Light Up Football Field With Soccer Field Lights?

- Jun 26, 2018-

Light Up Football Field With Soccer Field Lights?

Soccer field lights should provide high illumination with bright, evenly-distributed beams that reduce light spillover and shadowing and make it possible for the ball to be seen easily, even when it’s in action, anywhere on the pitch.

 The sightlines of spectators and the performance of players, as well as safety, is paramount. If you want to improve on “the beautiful game,” designing and installing a state-of-the-art soccer field lighting system is a good way of helping that process along.

Excellence in Professional Soccer Field Lighting

When we install a soccer field lighting system at an athletic field at a park, recreation center, club, or sports facility, we look at a number of factors. We determine the best amount of light for safety, performance, and outdoor conditions.


The result is a low-maintenance design that is optimized for players, fans, and media. Also, a standard or LED soccer field lighting system should be created with the help of designers who understand how to conform to local municipal codes and the recommendations set down by the U.S. Soccer Federation and other sports governing bodies.

Lighting a football field can be a big investment, so you want something that is trouble-free, energy-efficient, and which elicits praise from the community rather than complaints. SIOSUN Illuminations can help you create something functional, attractive, and eminently suitable for your athletics facility.

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