LED tariffs are raised in a short period of difficulty

- Apr 09, 2018-

LED tariffs are raised in a short period of difficulty

In August 21st, there was a rumor that the import tariff of LED would go up sharply, triggering fluctuations in the corresponding market. Reporters asked many people in the industry to learn that China's LED import tariffs are not likely to be substantially increased in the short term, because the current significant increase in import tariffs will crack down on the popularity of LED products in the mainland.

Rumour has it that the Ministry of commerce is going to increase import tariffs on LED output, the tax rate will be raised from 4% to 10%, and the increase will reach 150%. At present, the LED upstream products from the mainland of China mainly come from the Taiwan area. By this news, the Taiwan LED chip faucet share price of crystal electricity and bright circle has fallen, while the LED plate in the A share market has been soaring, of which, the poly flying photoelectric fluctuation, Chau Ming Science and technology [-2.91% Capital Research Report], lead, Hua can optoelectronic increase are more than 7%.

Reporters on the matter to many parties to verify, many domestic LED enterprises responsible for each person said, now has not heard of this news, nor has access to relevant documents. A person close to Taiwan EPISTAR and canyuan who also told reporters that the two companies in Taiwan has not received such notice.

Those who believe that the current LED tariffs in the short term, there is no possibility of a substantial increase, if the tariff up to 10%, will have a greater impact on the industry. At present, the LED products imported from the mainland are mainly chips, which will greatly stimulate the sales expectations of domestic LED chip manufacturers.

The head of a domestic LED listed company believes that although the outside world seems to increase tariffs can promote shipments of mainland chipmakers, it is not entirely good to stand in the perspective of the overall LED market. At present, LED lighting and other applications are in the stage of accelerating growth in China. If the tariff is raised, the direct result will lead to the increase in the price of the Taiwan chip manufacturers. This will also make the price of the terminal products rise, which does not coincide with the current industrial rules, and this will also produce a certain extent on the production of LED. The popularity of the products in the lower reaches constitutes a negative impact.

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