LED street lights in rain, fog, snow environment applications

- Jan 23, 2018-


     In recent years, due to the advantages of energy saving and long service life of LED lighting products, incandescent and fluorescent lamps have been widely replaced in indoor lighting. In the outdoor, some high-quality LED street lamps are fully capable of performing road lighting and also exhibit some unique advantages. Such as high color rendering index, long life, but the LED lights in the rain, snow, fog penetration is still inadequate, is the impact of LED lighting in outdoor applications, the main factor.

2,the road lighting requirements of penetration

     Lighting on the road is mainly divided into car lights, street lights, the current car lights, street lights mainly yellow-based. Signal lights as a light on the road and pedestrians play a guiding, indicating and warning role.

3,National standards for color temperature requirements

    According to experts, on the one hand the reason is the body of the cold light source visual comfort is poor, should not be used cold light source; the other hand, the higher the temperature of the light source is white, easy to make the driver visually produce fog feeling.

    The "Urban Road Lighting Design Standard" (CJJ45-2006) was implemented in 2007, and this standard and the previous standard light source requirements are mainly sodium lamp. Because of the limited color temperature of sodium lamp, only 2500K or less, so all the previous standards Color temperature is not specified

    The "Urban Road Lighting Design Standard" (CJJ45-2015) was implemented on June 1, 2016. The standard of CJJ45-2015 has made new provisions for light source selection: an LED lamp has been added, because the LED color temperature is relatively wide , From 2300K-6500K, or even higher, so CJJ45-2015 version of the standard LED street lamp color temperature requirements, that is, LED street lamp color temperature should not be higher than 5000K, and should be preferred or low color temperature.

    The Office of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region promulgated the Work Plan for Urban Lighting and Construction Management (2015-2016), which clearly identified the color temperature as being warm, white and cool in color from low to high. According to different geographical environment and different levels of the road, the corresponding color temperature lamps should be used. As in the expressway, trunk roads, secondary roads, foggy mountains should use low color temperature lighting. The same batch of light source color temperature should be the same, municipal road is not recommended to use cold light source.

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