LED street lamp replaced by the global trend

- Jan 26, 2018-

LED street lamp replaced by the global trend

Recently, Chicago officials in the United States confirmed that they plan to replace 85% of street lights with LED lights within the next four years, making Chicago one of the largest cities in the world to convert street lighting to LED.

The plan replaces 270,000 high pressure sodium lamps with more energy efficient and longer lasting LED lamps.

The plan starts from last year, is estimated to cost 160 million US dollars (about 1 billion yuan). However, it will also generate energy costs for the Chicago City Council.

LED manufacturers said that LED technology can reduce energy consumption 60% to 80%, in two years or less to achieve return on investment.

The plan also includes a smart grid, which can be instructed when the lights are not working, so residents can no longer report problems.

Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, said: "This project is a win-win not only for one of the largest lighting modernization programs in the United States, but also for residents to dial 311 less." (Note: 311 is the hotline at the Civic Center).

He also said: "Based on this proposed project, we will provide modern, reliable and high-quality lighting that will improve the quality of life in every community in Chicago."

Replacing street lights with LED lights is a global trend as more and more cities around the world switch to using LEDs to cut costs and carbon emissions.

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