LED Spot Lights Widely Used

- May 28, 2018-

LED Spot Lights Widely Used

LED Spot Lights With the wide use of high-power LED lamps in the lighting industry, the production of LED two-time optical lenses has become a new industry, so that the optical mold has been greatly developed. Uneven wall thickness plus a lot of optical free surface is an optical LED spotlight lens products typical features, the product in addition to the appearance of quality and size requirements, LED Spot Lights its optical performance also has a high demand, such as: lens spot, lens efficiency and lens angle. These product quality requirements on the mold requirements have become more stringent, the rationality of the mold structure directly affect the production efficiency, product quality and cost. LED Spot Lights It is very difficult to adjust the parameters of injection molding process to realize the qualified products, and the design of the die structure must be optimized.

The optimization method is to shorten the flow path because of many problems in the forming of long flow channel mould. The flow of the Dow is from the injection molding machine nozzle to the gate position of the length. So the core idea of the improvement is to change the length of the runner by changing the position of the nozzle of the injection molding machine.

Mold pouring system design and injection molding machine has a great relationship, the mold of many parts size is determined by the size of the injection molding machine. LED Spot Lights The main path of the mould is 0 larger than the nozzle size of the injection moulding machine. 5 Mltl, the ball-head radius of the main sprue bushing is larger than the size of the ball head radius of the injection moulding nozzle 1tin2. The diameter of the locating ring should be less than equal to the aperture of the injection moulding machine, the height of which is volume 1TIITI on the surface of the die fixed mould base plate. In view of the 2 conditions that must be met, LED Spot Lights the locating ring and the main sprue bushing can be designed as a whole structure. LED Spot Lights The conventional structure will make the mainstream path very long. The nozzle structure and dimensions of the injection moulding machine are shown in Fig. 3, and the structure of the positioning ring and the main sprue bushing are designed as shown in Fig. 4, which is referred to as the machine mouth. The nozzle is designed with the inner hole D, and its size is 701Tlln, which is much larger than the outside diameter of the injection machine LENLTL. During injection molding, the nozzle of the injection moulding machine is placed directly into the hole of the locating circle, and the structure of the machine nozzle is assembled into the mould. By the machine mouth structure Fig. 4, it is obvious that the length of the upbraid has been reduced to the MM.

The machine mouth requires a certain strength and stiffness, because now the die life requirements are higher, so the use of CRL2MNV manufacturing. Using the following processing routes: One cutting the shape of a drill

Screw hole one heat treatment one grinding shape and fit size A small hole machine is machined through a wire hole to cut through the cone hole of the runner.

Different injection molding machine nozzle size is not the same, but most of the mold using the overall structure. Different size of the product layout is not the same, LED Spot Lights but the structure of the forming parts are Datong

Small differences. For different injection molding machine and different size of the mold frame, only according to the size of the die frame to change the diameter of the nozzle D and Height L. To change the derivation structure of the external diameter d and the height L of the nozzle can basically solve the problem of the long structure of the mould main channel.

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