LED plant growth box has god power: Everyone eats healthy vegetables

- May 28, 2018-

LED plant growth box has "god power": Everyone eats healthy vegetables

At present, LED plant growth chambers have been widely used in agricultural research, ecological research, forestry, breeding, and genetic research and other fields. It is an ideal test equipment for plant cultivation, seed germination, seedlings, tobacco, animals, insects and other research. . So what exactly is an LED plant growth box?

Changsha Biotechnology has mentioned that the LED plant growth box, also called the LED artificial climate box or LED plant incubator, is a product of the perfect combination of LED technology and plant physiological state monitoring technology. The LED plant growth box uses light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and can monitor plants in the incubator in real time. The LED plant growth box can not only control the temperature, humidity and light time, but also can adjust the lighting frequency, intensity, wavelength and other parameters. It can measure the internal environment of the box through various built-in sensors.

Compared with general plant growth boxes, what are the obvious advantages of LED plant growth boxes? Changsha Synthetic Biology pointed out that the LED plant growth box adopts microcomputer PID control, adopts contactless SSR, special humanized design, bilingual system in both Chinese and English, and uses the CF recording system to record changes of various data in the box for a long time. With USB socket, external device; its light system uses LED light source, low energy consumption, use for longer life, each disc consists of red, blue and far infrared 3 band LED light source, other wavelength light source optional Two cabinets of LED plant growth box with two doors are relatively independent, which can control the growth conditions separately.

I remember that Tao Yuanming’s famous poem called “Taking Juju to the East, Seeing the Nanshan Mountain Carefreely”. In fact, everyone is envious of that simple life. However, at present, the city’s pollution and food safety are worrying, and the land in rural areas is also increasing. The less you have, the more difficult it is for people to eat healthy food. However, the emergence of LED plant growth boxes, it allows many people to taste fresh vegetables.

This compact LED plant growth box is not suitable for home use. You hit the LED light, broke the dish, and prepared a variety of vegetables in the plant growing box. This was first started in Japan. Because Japan has a small area, so they don't have land to grow vegetables. They only use water to pour water. In order to control environmental factors, a variety of vegetables can be grown in plant growth boxes.

The vegetables grown using the LED plant growth boxes have no farmyard medicine and no insect pests. The vegetables that are grown out are green and healthy, and people eat more at ease.

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