LED plant grow light introduction

- May 21, 2018-

LED plant grow light introduction

The LED plant growth lamp is an artificial light source that uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) as a luminous body and satisfies the lighting conditions required for photosynthesis of plants. Divided by type, belongs to the third-generation plant light fixture!

In an environment that lacks daylight, the luminaire acts as sunlight, allowing the plant to grow normally or better.

This kind of lamp has strong roots, encourages growth, regulates flowering time and flower color, promotes fruit ripening and coloring, and improves taste and quality.

In planting plants indoors, lighting is a real problem, especially for plants that have a high demand for light. At this time, using plant lights to provide plants with the light energy required for photosynthesis is an ideal way, but many farmers will doubt the question. Is plant growth light useful?

There is a problem with the reasons. On the one hand, traditional plant lights consume large amounts of electricity, light use efficiency is low, and their life span is relatively short. LED plant lights are very ideal light sources for plants, breaking the limitations of many traditional plant lights that cannot be broken. But the price is relatively high.

LED plant growth lamp benefits a lot

According to the latest market research report “Global LED Plant Lighting Market Share, Strategy and Forecast 2015~2021”, LED lamps have lower cost and more power saving than other similar products. Therefore, LED lighting is rapidly being adopted. Since LED lighting systems can effectively promote plant growth, LED plant growth lamps are also widely used worldwide.

Compared with the previous high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps, LED plant grow lights are more powerful and efficient. They save power and generate less heat. Less heat allows the plant lights to get closer to the plant without worrying about the plants being scorched.

The next generation of LED plant grow lights can open a dramatic "power saving mode", providing unmatched product reliability. As shown in Taiwan's Everlight GL-Flora LED plant lighting, LED plant grow lights are changing. They can accurately provide low-power, high-efficiency uniform light patterns and light distribution at the right wavelength and color ratios, which are needed for efficient photosynthesis.

LED grow lights are different. Plant growth lamps can be used as artificial light sources for plant growth. The growth lamp's spectrum is adjusted according to the growth needs of the plant. The required spectrum of the plant growth lamp is 400 nm to 700 nm, that is, from blue light to red light. Garden lights play an important role in the growth and development of plants. Plant growth is one of the functions of photosynthesis.

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