LED lighting poor heat will lead to these four aspects

- Apr 28, 2017-

An LED lamp and lanterns is the most important part of the chip and heat dissipation, good LED chip can bring more efficient, luminous efficiency and better light effect.While the heat dissipation is good or bad directly affects the lamps and lanterns light stability and service life of the product.So how to make the LED lighting lamps and lanterns has better heat dissipation, has always been the focus of technology research.

Below we to say the LED lamps and lanterns of the cooling effect on the lamps and lanterns.There are mainly the following:

1, the most direct impact, poor heat dissipation directly results in the decrease of the service life of LED lamps and lanterns

Due to the LED lamps and lanterns is converts electrical energy into visible light, there is a conversion rate of the problem, not 100% converts electrical energy to light energy, according to the law of conservation of energy, excess electricity is transformed into heat energy.If the LED lamps and lanterns of heat dissipation structure Design is not reasonable, this part of the heat can't quickly ruled out, so the smaller size of LED packaging, LED lamps and lanterns will accumulate large amounts of heat energy, resulting in a decrease of life.

2, the material quality decline

Usually electronic device used for a long time, some material can easily oxidized, rise in the temperature of the LED lamps and lanterns, these materials again and again high temperature oxidation, the quality will drop, shorten service life.Because the switch of lamps and lanterns, at the same time multiple heat bilges cold shrink, cause the strength of the material was damaged.

3, overheating caused by electronic devices failure

This is the common fault of the LED lighting heat source, when LED temperature rise, electrical impedance increases, lead to current is added, the current increase in heat rise, so cycle, more and more heat, will eventually cause overheating and damage the electronic components, electronic breakdown.

4, lamps and lanterns of material deformation due to overheating

LED lamps and lanterns is composed of multiple parts, of which the different parts of the different materials, the material of heat bilges cold shrink the size is different, when the temperature rises, some material can produce inflation because of overheating, bending.If the distance between the adjacent parts is too small, both can produce extrusion, serious when can damage components.

LED lamps you will create so many problems, these parts, will be to cause a decline in the performance of the LED lamps and lanterns, shorten the life, so the LED heat dissipation technology is an important technical problems. In future in improving the LED power conversion at the same time, should be more efficient LED heat dissipation structure design, let the LED lighting lamps and lanterns to get rid of the heat dissipation problems.

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