LED lighting market prospects

- Feb 28, 2018-

LED lighting market prospects

LED (LightingEmittingDiode) Lighting is the light-emitting diode lighting, is a semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices. It is the use of solid semiconductor chips as a light-emitting material in the semiconductor through the carrier recombination release excess energy and cause photon emission. The following is the LED lighting market prospect analysis.

The bright prospects of LED lighting industry make people full of confidence in the LED lighting market, under the circumstances of energy shortage in the 21st century, the strong support of national governments to promote energy saving and environmental protection policies, many companies continue to increase investment in the LED lighting market and support. With the rapid development of LED lighting, from the first application of outdoor lighting such as road lighting, landscape lighting has been widely used, so far the development and application of LED lighting rhythmically promote indoor lighting that is, general household lighting, commercial lighting, etc. Such a huge potential for lighting applications.

LED lighting used in the field of civilian lighting nowadays more and more involved, although the market LED lighting to LED lights, commercial lighting based, but the main push of their products with dimming, color function LED panel light, flat LED downlight Frequently attract people's attention. LED's price is still a problem around but not Hom. As the main factor impeding the promotion of LED, the high price of this energy-saving and environmentally friendly new lights blocked in the civilian market. According to insiders, LDE lighting with sapphire as the chip substrate, conductive and have to use gold, with sufficient reason to become "aristocratic lamps."

Through the LED lighting market prospects, the field of industrial lighting is usually considered to be the last large area of LED lighting applications, which is related to the lighting products they are using. At present, the industrial lighting applications (such as metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc.) cost is relatively high, LED lighting products temporarily unable to overwhelmingly replace.

With LED lighting in the mainstream status of the global lighting market continues to improve, LED lighting market share will soar, LED will also be fully into the field of industrial lighting. Why? Because the LED's energy-saving effect allows industrial lighting under long-term use, more cost-effective than home lighting recycling competitiveness, there are enough incentives to replace LED products. In addition, the performance of LED lighting products to enhance and further reduce the price, coupled with industrial lighting profits more advantages, industrial lighting market LED packaging and lighting manufacturers will become the focus of competition.

2018-2023 LED lighting industry in China market development status and investment prospects forecast report said that the current field of LED lighting is a piece of the Red Sea, and most of the industrial lighting is the stealth channel to go, you can avoid the price war and the scale of fighting , From which to obtain a steady profit. At the same time, the current number of LED manufacturers in the field of industrial lighting is relatively small, the market is more dispersed, less competitive, the market there is a certain development prospects. The above is all the analysis of LED lighting market prospects.

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