LED lighting lamps and lanterns of five types of radiator comparison and analysis

- Feb 13, 2017-

The cooling way of LED lighting lamps and lanterns

Because of the LED light source itself no infrared, ultraviolet, so the LED light source itself without radiation cooling function, the LED lighting lamps and lanterns of the cooling way only through close combination with LED lamp bead board heat radiator to export.The radiator must possess the function of the heat conduction, convection and radiation.Any radiator, in addition to can quickly to the heat from the heat source conduction to the surface of the radiator, the main or rely on the heat convection and radiation in the air.

Die casting aluminum radiator

Production cost control, heat dissipation thin wing can do, it is difficult to maximize the heat dissipation area.The LED die casting material for ADC10 and ADC12 commonly used lamps and lanterns of the radiator.

Extruded aluminum radiator

Is the liquid aluminum through fixed die extrusion, then put the rod by machining cutting into the shape of a need to radiator, post processing cost is higher.Extruded aluminum radiator is shown in figure 3.Heat dissipation wing can do a lot of very thin, the heat dissipation area get the maximum extension, heat dissipation wing work automatically when the air convection diffusion heat, cooling effect is better.Commonly used material is AL6061 and AL6063.

Stamping aluminum radiator

Is through the punch and die for steel, aluminum alloy sheet metal stamping, pull to rise, make a cup of tube type of radiator, stamping molding radiator inside and outside perimeter smooth, because there was no wings and the cooling area is limited.Commonly used aluminum alloy material is 5052, 6061, 6063.Stamping parts quality is small, high material utilization, is a low cost solution.

Aluminum alloy radiator thermal conductivity is ideal, more suitable for isolation switch constant-current power supply.For the isolation switch constant-current power supply, the need to pass through the structure design of lamps and lanterns for ac and dc, high voltage and low voltage power supply isolation, can through the CE and UL certification.

Aluminum radiator plastic bag

Is a kind of plastic shell of thermal conductivity aluminum radiator core.Thermal conductivity of plastic and aluminum radiator core is molding in the injection molding machine last, aluminum radiator core is up to do, need to advance to mechanical processing.LED lamp bead rapid conduction of heat through the aluminum radiator core to thermal conductive plastics and thermal conductive plastic using its wing form air convection, more use of the surface part of heat radiation.

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