LED light rail shot road what do you know, where LED business lighting advantage

- Sep 26, 2016-

1. we know LED track light is LED as the light source, which is characterized by small heat, no radiation, no heavy metal contamination, color is more pure than other lights, luminous efficiency is high, no mercury and other harmful substances, are a healthy and environmentally friendly light source.
2.LED track spotlights the biggest advantage is that energy-saving at the same brightness, LED lamp power consumption requires only the normal metal halide track 40%-60% 1/10 white LED energy consumption only for incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps 1/4. Its energy can be seen how powerful it is.
3. of course we care about most is the life of the lamp, and, in fact, you don't have to worry about, because its life up to 100,000 hours and normal life of 8,000 hours of metal halide track lighting, far beyond the several times, so you have no reason to worry.
4.LED track lighting usually 220V DC power supply, low heat, non-thermal radiation, cold light source, can be safely touched, and precise control of light-and beam angle, light color and soft, glare-free; impossible to find out the material. Built-in micro-processor system can control the intensity, and adjust the light phase, achieved the perfect combination of light and art.

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