LED import iot, intelligent street lamp energy saving seventy percent

- Feb 17, 2017-

Taiwan street light due to the large number, it is difficult to individual computing power consumption, electricity use flat rate, more traditional principle of single street lamp fixed monthly pay 200 yuan, the Internet of things (IoT) technology and LED Lamps and lanterns is auxiliary, not only greatly reduce power consumption, more let electricity usage data back, how many, how much to pay relatively traditional street lamp big minus 70% electricity.

Calculation of Taipei city about 130000 streetlights, if is still the traditional street lamp, monthly electricity bills must be burden of 26 million yuan, if the LED intelligent lighting system, real time information back street lamp, north city can according to the actual power consumption pay cost, from the monthly limit, monthly electricity can reduce 18.2 million yuan.

Taiwan company marketing manager Du Li said philips lighting, saving energy is no longer limited to use electric power cut, but how to collect intelligence management information, the Internet of things open big wave data analysis, every street lamp can lend immediately returned from a wireless network information, government unit more effective management, not only saves the electricity at the same time improve the administrative efficiency.

Du Li, for example, is Taiwan's most common street lamp fault return, have to wait for people to inform the relevant units, government agencies will send officials to repair, but in wisdom lights, once the streetlights an exception occurs immediately, can immediately repair, reduce the risk of accident, and the use of data analysis, can let the power control more accurate.

Regardless of whether the government or private companies, wants to borrow from the analysis of large data, more sensitive control management;Taiwan yong-tao xu, general manager of philips lighting company, said intelligent street lamp system can automatically detect and abnormal return signals, luminous intensity, far short of control data collection, easy to save electricity.

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