LED Explosion-proof Lamp Has Become A Hot Spot For Industrial Lighting

- Jun 05, 2018-

LED Explosion-proof Lamp Has Become A Hot Spot For Industrial Lighting

In industrial lighting applications, LED explosion-proof lamps have a bright market prospect due to demand-driven replacement. The purpose of LED explosion-proof light is to prevent the ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures, such as explosive gas, dust environment, gas gas. The specific measures it takes are widely used in special working environments where electrical and dust are flammable and explosive. Wu Yingjie, assistant director of LEDinside research, said that thanks to the promotion of petroleum and related industries, explosion-proof lamps occupy a large market position in the mining, petroleum, military, transportation, and power industries.

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LED explosion-proof lights have been used for many years, and companies have also gained more experience in R&D. They have developed generation after generation of products that basically meet the requirements for use in hazardous locations. Wu Yingjie pointed out that LED explosion-proof lamps are smaller in volume, lighter in weight, and longer in life than conventional explosion-proof lamps. The price is also moderate, and they are highly satisfied with customers. For lighting facilities in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, considering the overall quality of the project, safety performance, cost control, and regulations for future abolition of mercury lamps, the selection of a mature LED explosion-proof lamp is the only way.

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