LED drive industry only only indicators Mao Shuo how to break through?

- Mar 26, 2018-

LED drive industry only "only" indicators Mao Shuo how to break through?

The development of LED driver power is now a fairly mature industry. In particular, the early pursuit of performance indicators is no longer a problem. At present, there are only reliability requirements. For the current LED drive industry, there is only one indicator - that is, price.

With the continued rapid growth of the LED lighting market, the demand for LED driver power supply will be further released. It is expected that the global LED driver power sales will continue to grow steadily in the next few years, and the market capacity will continue to expand until 2020. The global LED driver power market is expected to exceed 6 billion U.S. dollars.

In terms of growth rate, despite the recent slowdown in the global growth rate of the LED driver power supply market, it has remained above 10%, and this growth rate is expected to remain around 2020.

However, after years of development, the LED driver industry has also matured. At the Senior Engineer LED Spring Festival in 2018, Chen Hao, chief operating officer of Maoshuo Electronics, said: “The development of LED driving power has been a fairly mature industry. Especially the early pursuit of performance indicators is no longer a problem. There are only reliability requirements. For the current LED drive industry, there is only one indicator - that is, price."

Indeed, in the face of a fierce market competition environment, power supply manufacturers are constantly adjusting prices, and power supply prices have bottomed out. Even more unfavorable, raw material prices and labor costs have continued to rise, and a number of small-scale power companies have failed to support and closed down.

Chen Hao joked that Mao Shuo's main business is LED driving power, the power supply is in the downstream of the LED industry chain, and the downstream industry is a relatively "hard-pressed" industry, especially in the manufacturing industry.

It is undeniable that with the development of the industry, competition will be even more intense. In this context, what strategy will Mao Shuo adopt to maintain the sustainable development of the company?

According to Chen Hao, Mao Shuo currently has two main ideas: The first is to take the differentiation route. This market competition is not so fierce, and the profit is relatively high. Second, Mao Shuo wants to increase the added value of power products, not just simply. Sell hardware products. He said that if you simply sell hardware products, companies may not be able to continue. At present, the traditional drive power has nowhere to go. The key point of Mosuo is to highlight the added value of the power supply, in other words, take the intelligent route.

Speaking of the intelligent LED drive power, in fact, is the general trend of industrial development. No matter whether it is the driving enterprise or the lighting application enterprise, it is currently developing in the direction of intelligence. How does the intelligent route go? Chen Hao said there are two main directions: smart homes and smart cities.

Needless to say, LED lighting was originally based on lighting, and intelligence combined lighting and information to break through in this direction. However, smart lighting is still "thunder and rain," and it has not been implemented. What is the reason for this situation? Chen Hao introduced to:

The first is that the technology itself is not mature; the second is that the technical level is not uniform; the third is that the business model has not been determined, and the business model is actually a manifestation of value. How to balance the interests between the enterprise and the government is critical.

In fact, Maoshuo Electronics has also made a lot of efforts in the era of intelligence. With many years of key technology accumulation and innovative and enterprising team, the intelligent LED drive power supply and control system developed by Mao Shuo has covered outdoor road lighting, industrial lighting, landscape lighting, indoor commercial lighting and urban rail transit. Application area.

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