LED downlight LED spotlight and LED panel light

- Jan 12, 2018-

LED downlight, LED spotlight and LED panel light


The biggest difference between LED downlights and LED spotlights is that LED downlights are flood lights and LED spotlights are spot lights. LED spotlight is very directional, it is a highly concentrated light, its light has a specific target can be specified, mainly for special lighting, such as emphasizing a very tasteful or very innovative local. LED ceiling spotlights can also adjust the angle, and the perspective of downlights are fixed.


LED downlight angle wide, uniform light, low cost and the pursuit of thin, SMD is very suitable for downlight.

LED panel light cheaper, LED downlight and LED panel light both overlap, the panel light put the downlight to replace. The company is located in:

Lamp style changes a lot, flat downlight, panel light is just a downlight, panel light to replace the downlight is also possible, because the panel light is very uniform, the appearance of very thin, very beautiful. However, the light efficiency of the COB is very good, the panel light can not replace COB downlight. The company is located in:

LED panel light on the LED downlight quite big pressure. Now LED panel light and LED downlight is difficult to distinguish, but the panel light illumination is not enough, not bright enough, mainly used in short places, Langte lighting that the previous LED panel light is emitting light, which is a bit similar to the SMD lamp , So the LED panel light there is a trend to replace the downlight, in order to pull up the price, COB on the fire up. The company is located in:

If not the emergence of COB downlight, LED panel light may be a small LED lamp will replace. LED panel light for the time being will not completely replace the downlight, COB light source to go down the line now, COB light efficiency or color has a certain advantage. LED panel lights can not completely replace the LED downlight - because in effect, LED downlights have a key lighting effect. Downlight has its advantages and market, the use of panel lights will be smaller, the two are not the trend to replace, is the complementary relationship. Because the downlight is concentrated, the panel light is diffuse.

 The biggest difference between LED downlight and LED panel light is that LED downlight is emitting light while LED panel light is side emitting light. Because of the different forms of light, which led to the illumination between the two there are some differences.


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