LED display peripherals - LED the root of complete industrial chain

- May 10, 2017-

With China's LED display technology is increasingly mature, LED display was growing year by year trend. LED display market also showed a diversified development, special-shaped screen, light bar screen, transparent screen, small spacing and other applications of new products is undoubtedly a technology innovation. More than the application of innovative technology, LED display peripheral equipment manufacturers also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, the surrounding equipment to promote the entire LED display industry plays an important and indispensable role. It not only affects the overall display of LED display products, and peripheral equipment, new technology applications and production of LED display also diversified development has brought a transformative impact.

Today, as the LED display peripheral equipment business is not just stay in line with the current development needs of LED display to produce, and some companies have begun to increase product research and development efforts to produce a predictable peripheral equipment products and technologies, For the LED display market to tap a new breakthrough. Thus affecting and driving the development of LED display industry chain. Therefore, LED display peripheral technology research and development has become the focus of industry attention. We usually refer to the LED display peripheral equipment mainly by the control card, video processor, power supply, driver IC composed of four parts.

LED Controller

Key Core - Control Card

Among them, the control system is to determine what content on the big screen to play a system, the equivalent of the human brain. Choose the control system is very important, we generally want to choose to create a program to facilitate the play, play a flexible form, easy to learn the control system. Some of the points with more support for large resolution of the display; some good scalability, suitable for LED profiled screen. Such as LED spherical screen, you need to control the system and play the video source has a special request in order to have a perfect display effect.

Rare to mention that the industry is committed to the control system leader Nova technology is the world's most competitive LED display solutions service providers. With LED display synchronization control system, asynchronous control system, point by point calibration system, video control system, single color system, cluster broadcast control system and other product lines, these product lines rely on each other to form a complete ecological circle. In addition, the Carlet i6 receiver card using DDR2SODIMM interface can be very easy to integrate into the adapter board or display unit board, the display module is highly integrated, greatly facilitate the display unit board and structure design.

HD quality rendering - video processor

In the era of high-definition LED display, video processor not only carries the image processing and analysis, codec compression and other large work, but also embedded a large number of intelligent analysis algorithm, the analysis of massive HD data, play a more important role. The core of this technology is not only reflected in the edge of the image sharpening, including the color reduction and image scaling processing. Video processor, the indicators directly reflect the LED display shows the image clarity.

With the high-resolution products of civilians, 4K has become the norm. Signal source surge, simple multi-screen output, may be able to solve the problem of small spacing era, but in the post-small spacing era, the screen was 2.0 times the solution is clearly helpless. Based on the larger and complex signal source, the number of monitors will increase dramatically. To complete the real-time preview and monitoring of the LED display, traditional solutions often require the use of multiple displays. However, the only Austrian video has the industry's first true sense of the professional LED display 4K2K processor, can be different for different LED display physical resolution set the output resolution of the size, so Promise zoom, arbitrary interception of the input signal full-screen display The

The source of the display energy - the power supply

Only to ensure the reliability of each link, in order to make the display in the final presentation to achieve a perfect effect. However, the power supply is also an important part of the LED display peripheral equipment. All components on the display are DC 5V. Power supply for a variety of power supply, the most used display power supply is 5V40A (200W) specifications.

Industry has been at the leading level of the giant can Albert, the production of ultra-thin series of power products are used in high-purity aluminum shell, than the market power shell thickness of 1mm, more solid materials, heat better. Ultra-thin series of power applications work more widely, both ends of the output output or one end of the output, the installation of more cost savings. Product quality is also more secure, the price is basically the same as the traditional power supply parameters.

Low light high gray true high brush - driver IC

In the LED display performance indicators, the refresh rate and grayscale and image presentation is one of the most important indicators. This requires high consistency between the LED display driver IC channels, high-speed communication interface rates, and constant current response. In the past, the refresh rate, the gray scale and the utilization rate are three aspects of this shift. To ensure that one or two of the indicators can be superior, it is necessary to sacrifice the remaining two indicators.

However, with the small gap gradually become the domestic LED display industry development of a popular, want to lead the status of the coquettish also need "behind the scenes" supporting the active cooperation of manufacturers, but also brought a series of challenges. Today's driver IC has been successfully achieved a "low light high gray true high brush (high shooting refresh rate)", and a perfect solution because of the low gray high ash brought about the "seven problems", can effectively meet the small pitch Show the need. Microelectronics has been committed to driving the deep research of IC, which they introduced the non-isolated high-voltage linear constant current LED driver power technology has become a new hot spot LED light source, non-isolated high-voltage linear constant current drive power because there is no transformer, And electrolytic capacitors, the cost can be lower than the isolated drive power.

In summary, China as a manufacturing power, many products are in the process of globalization to foreign countries, LED display is also true, but the LED display products to the global go, the market for LED display the entire project display requirements The higher the height. If only LED display technology leader, and can not match the high-end products with the corresponding display matching products, can not sustainable development, China's LED display industry will not be able to adapt to the needs of foreign high-end market.

Although China's LED display peripherals in the entire LED industry chain share is not particularly large, but for the entire LED display product transformation and upgrading has an irreplaceable role in promoting. LED peripheral equipment only to innovate in order to form a complete industrial chain, in order to lead the industry to move forward.

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