It's not just another name. Philips lighting has a deep meaning

- May 18, 2018-

It's not just another name. Philips lighting has a deep meaning.

Philips Lighting (European Amsterdam Stock Exchange code: LIGHT) officially opened the new Greater China Headquarters building built with Smart Connected Lighting technology and announced the company’s Chinese name Phenomovo for the first time. May 16, 2018 was the first day of the official rename of Philips Lighting. It was also the first international "International Day of Light" established by UNESCO.

“We chose to host the opening ceremony of the Greater China Headquarters building on this special day today, and witness another important moment in our company’s transformation journey with our customers, employees and partners. We are proud of our achievements in the past two years of independent listing operations. Thanks to our customers, employees and partners for their continued support and trust during this exciting period of change,” said Wang Hao, President of Sinomax China.

The new company name, Signify, derives from a new definition of lighting: Light has become an intelligent language that connects and transmits information. It clearly expresses the company's vision and goals: opening the extraordinary potential of lighting, creating a "shining world, a better life." The Chinese name gives a richer meaning, embodies the company's more than 127-year-old history of the ascendant, has always been new, and always uphold the concept of innovation, adhere to the commitment to the Chinese market and realize the leap in the era of the Internet of Things.

Located in the Caohejing Development Zone in Shanghai, the new building of the headquarters in Greater China serves as a model for lighting applications in the Internet of Things and showcases the use of smart connected lighting technology in various spaces, fully embodying the concept of human-induced lighting and green and healthy architecture. "Light, beyond sight" innovative office space.

Leading the Internet of Things Era Lighting Innovation

Qi Nuofei is committed to building lighting companies in the Internet of Things era. Headquartered in Greater China, the new building integrates the company's innovative LED products and smart connected lighting systems to provide a full range of IoT lighting for all application scenarios: not only to enable employees to enjoy a people-oriented comfort lighting experience, improve work efficiency; The building managers are provided with green intelligent lighting solutions that optimize space usage and reduce operating costs.

Lighting has extensive coverage and in-depth penetration, turning lighting points into access points for the Internet of Things, which will greatly accelerate the Internet of Things, intelligentization and informationization. From the street lights around the building to the architectural facade lighting of the building, the office lighting in the building and some home lighting products, the full display of the smart leap brought about by the interconnected lighting, light has become an intelligent language, connection and transfer information.

The Internet of Things connects the Internet of Things. The building is based on Human Centric Lighting and integrates management of street lights, buildings, interiors, and energy consumption. It shows people how to innovate smart connected lighting in all directions. Help all types of space to achieve green, healthy and lean goals. By connecting light to the Internet, software, sensors, and the Internet of Things platform, you can discover more possibilities for smart office and life.

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