Is LED Airfield Lighting Right For Your Airport?

- Jul 09, 2018-

Is LED Airfield Lighting Right For Your Airport?

Airport lighting area. Functional area is complex. There are many types of light sources. Airport lighting system not only to meet the basic requirements of illumination. Should also provide a comfortable lighting environment.

Here to see how to make better use of LED lighting on the airport navigation light lighting design.

       Airport outdoor lighting is divided into outdoor flood lighting, parking lighting.

Airport lighting system, most of the power system was originally designed for incandescent lighting technology, LED airport lighting system and this infrastructure is not compatible. However, by replacing part of the power infrastructure, simply replacing the incandescent lamp with a led lamp can greatly improve energy efficiency and reliability.

While current LED lamps require higher upfront costs than traditional incandescent lamps, a few years later, reduced energy consumption and the savings in maintenance costs are likely to pay off for the initial high cost of inputs. LED airport lighting system maintenance requirements far lower than the incandescent system, the future direction of its research to be able to pinpoint its economic impact in this regard.


LED with its own various advantages and has been applied in all walks of life in life, airport lighting is no exception, then the airport lighting standards is what? Airport lighting how to choose? Here to explain for everyone, the airport lighting design issues.

 Airport runway lights:

Longitudinal spacing of taxiway side lights should not exceed 60 m. For taxiway edge retroreflective markers instead of taxiway side lights, the longitudinal spacing should be 30 m. However, the taxiway edge lights should not be located on the edge of the runway turn-around floor Greater than 30 m. On the short straight section of taxiway, the spacing of taxiway edge lights at turns and branches should be properly reduced. Taxiway edge lights should be located outside the taxiways and at the edges of various types of apron, not more than 3 m from the edges.

Runway center line lights:

Runway center line lights shall be arranged along the runway centerline at a distance of about 15 m between the runway entrance and the end of the runway and shall be allowed to deviate from the runway centerline by a maximum of 0.6 m on the less side of the exit taxiway. Only at the runway centerline airport lighting maintenance can ensure that the intact lamp rate of 95% or more without two adjacent lamps failure, and the runway is scheduled runway visual range is equal to or greater than 350 m when running, the longitudinal spacing of the airport airfield lighting can be changed to about 30 m.

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