Interior art lighting

- Jun 19, 2017-

  Interior art lighting

  Any beautiful, elegant room and furnishings, no light is a dim. With the light, indoor coordination of the color, the new furniture, beautiful decoration can be shown, talent began to feel everything, can be a normal study, life and entertainment. Arrangement of indoor lighting is also an art.

    The artistic effect of indoor light is mainly embodied in the beauty of beauty, pure, so that the main body of the room highlights the light and shade, characterization (such as pictures, statues, furnishings, etc. plus concentrated light or color to have a special artistic effect) Sketch the outline, the performance of material texture (flash sense, grainy sense, volume sense), and finally the formation of the host needs the light environment. The design of the light environment has now become a specialized knowledge and occupation, the need for the corresponding experts and technical staff to complete.

    Indoor light design of the general requirements are: must meet the physiological needs of people, have enough illumination, people feel comfortable light quality, no dark light, there are transitional areas to make people's eyes to adapt, appropriate contrast, reasonable layout, Easy to use, indoor atmosphere clear and economical and practical.

    Art processing, according to the overall space for artistic conception, to determine the rational and beautiful layout, select the appropriate light type, lighting style. From the practical sense, the indoor lighting design to do the following: the use of good results and easy to switch. For example, kitchen lights, should be conducive to cooking operations; staircase between the lights should be able to make stepping, easy to identify step by step. The switch should be installed in a clear position and easy to use.

    Comfort: Because people are very adaptable to different lights, so inappropriate lighting on people's physical and psychological effects are often overlooked. People are most likely to feel uncomfortable is direct, dazzling, flashing and show off the light, should be used shade, lamp grid, soft light bulb and other ways to reduce the degree of discomfort.

    Security: it contains two meanings, one should be considered in the lighting design of the most prone to accidental dark places, such as vignetting, kitchen, stairs, bathroom and other lighting problems; the second is the use of power supply security issues. Household appliances should be taken to ground or zero and other safety measures, sockets and other equipment should be placed in the hand is not easy to touch, feet should not be kicked to the location, and reserved may increase the room for electricity.

   Economy: Indoor lighting not only in the lighting design and construction should consider reducing the investment problem, but also taking into account the long-term use of the process, saving energy.

  The lighting is different depending on the room usage.


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