Intelligent solar hybrid LED street lamp system

- May 03, 2018-

Intelligent solar hybrid LED street lamp system

This system solution provides an intelligent solar hybrid LED (LED) street lamp system. This system is an experimental project. The object is LED street lamp in the parking lot of the Italian semiconductor park. It is an independent solar system with an AC / DC (AC-DC) LED driver as backup power to prevent battery shortage. It will automatically convert to a constant current AC / DC LED driver without battery or battery power shortage. The AC / DC LED driver uses the power factor correction (Power Factor Correction, PFC) in the quasi resonant (Quasi-Resonant, QR) mode, and uses a single stage single switch and the special control of the primary level sensing. The HVLED001A used to drive LED is a commercialized LED driver.

The main power supply of the LED driver comes from the battery energy storage module. The battery is charged by means of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) during the day. According to the existing literature, MPPT is quite efficient in charging solar cells with solar radiation. The efficiency of the MPPT stage power converter is over 97%. It is recommended that the 2-phase boost direct current (DC-DC) converter be used as a DC LED driver. The 2-phase AC / DC converter helps to reduce the volume of the DC large capacity capacitor and proposes to put it on the load side for the purpose of filtering.

According to the literature data, if the power converter fails due to aging, it will become a weakness. Finally, it will enhance the life of the LED drive system. The efficiency of DC DC LED driver is also higher than 95%. The power conversion efficiency is improved because of the use of high efficiency metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) and gate drive IC. LED driver operating at constant current is another parameter that can enhance the life of LED. At present, the high efficiency digital power conversion microcontroller (STM32F3) has been used to complete the measurement and decision making work on the circuit board successfully.

All street lights are linked through the 6LoWPAN mesh network, and the network is built with a commercialized Sub-GHz component called SPIRIT1. Streetlight nodes communicate through the 6LoWPAN grid technology, using free ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical; industrial, scientific and medical) radio channels (868 MHz). A street lamp node equipped with solar panels is a lighting node that can talk with the data concentrator above the 6LoWPAN technology.

The Light Conditioning Unit (LCU) is powered by power grids and solar panels. As long as you sense the ambient light and environment, you can provide the function of automatic on / off / adjustment of lights. The system also has instructions and control centers that have not yet been fully developed, so that end-users can control single or group lighting nodes from any place.

Figure 1 is an intelligent solar hybrid lighting management system. Fig. 2 is a circuit board installed in the parking lot and illuminated by intentional semiconductor. The Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is attached to an airborne Pan European digital mobile communication system (GSM) module that can communicate with cloud applications using universal packet radio services / third generation / fourth generation (GPRS/3G/4G) action network technology. Fig. 3 is the lighting control unit in the data collection unit. A user can control a single lighting node or propagate instructions to all lighting nodes. The time interval of opening / closing / adjusting of lighting nodes can be arranged according to the astronomical clock.  The cloud platform is tested on Microsoft's Azure and uses the tools provided by Microsoft Azure to analyze data for the data received by the data set unit. Figure 4 is a cloud network application. The prototype of the LED driver has been tested and produced by the French semiconductor Park, and is deployed on the 30 wire poles of the 100x150 square meter area. The conversion efficiency of each stage is over 90%, and power quality and operation reliability are also excellent.


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