Increased lumen density by 45%. What innovations are there in Cree's new COB?

- May 11, 2018-

Increased lumen density by 45%. What innovations are there in Cree's new COB?

Cree has announced the launch of XLamp CMT LEDs, which are based on the latest metal substrate COB technology and feature a common COB form factor that enriches the existing High Current product family.

It is understood that the Cree CMT high-current series COB includes 10 new products, covering three kinds of light-emitting surface LES size (9.8 mm, 14.5 mm and 22 mm), to meet the needs of different applications. This series of COB products uses EasyWhite color temperature binning, correlated color temperature CCT range 2,700 K - 6,500 K, providing color rendering index CRI 70, 80, 90 standard options, and provide high color fidelity (CRI 98) and special color point of excellence Light quality Premium Color option.

According to Cree, its high current COB adopts innovative metal substrate technology, which can not only bring up to 45% lumen density increase and up to 17% light efficiency improvement, but also can achieve higher reliability. The new XLamp CMT LED now provides over 6,000 hours of LM-80 data, helping lighting manufacturers quickly implement design upgrades including track lights, downlights, outdoor lighting, and more, to meet DLC and Energy Star certification applications.

Shawn Keeney, technical manager of Ledra Brands, said: "With the Cree CMT high-current series COB, we can achieve higher performance and easier integration, helping us to achieve a comprehensive portfolio of solutions in lighting design. With Cree COB With its high performance and reliability, we continue to maintain our leading position in solid-state lighting design."

Cree's CMT and previously released CMA high-current series LED adopts Cree's new metal substrate COB technology, and its appearance size is compatible with most commercially available stent holders and lens optics on the market. Cree high-current LED arrays (CMA and CMT) and Cree's industry-leading standard density and high-density LED arrays (CXA and CXB) constitute the industry's most extensive COB product portfolio. The COB is mounted directly on the heat sink without the need for additional circuit boards, helping to simplify the luminaire manufacturing process and reduce system costs.

According to Dave Emerson, executive vice president and general manager of Cree's LED Division, “Creo has been leading the way in the development of reliability and life-span standards including IES LM-80 and TM-21. We are fully committed to maintaining such standards and testing methods.Recently, the industry has reported the forged life data of individual companies, and our customers have maintained full confidence in Cree LED products including the latest high-current series COB. Rigorous testing ensures that they always provide reliable long-term performance.".

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