Huawei Announces Smart Partner and Op Lighting to Promote Rapid Development of Ten Billion Plan

- Jun 26, 2018-

Huawei Announces "Smart Partner" and Op Lighting to Promote Rapid Development of "Ten Billion Plan"

On June 22, 2018, Huawei held the "DigiX2018 Huawei Terminal Global Partners and Developers Conference" at the Beijing Research Institute, together with nearly 1,000 partners and developers from around the world, focusing on full connectivity, intelligence, and globalization. Dimensions are further explored to create a global innovation ecosystem. At the conference, Op Lighting was Huawei's preferred lighting strategic partner and also received Huawei's Huawei Terminal Win-Win Award. Optoelectronics Chief Technology Officer Qi Xiaoming attended the award ceremony and said that both parties will continue to promote each other, open innovation, continue to improve technology and improve the ecological chain, and jointly build a bright future for smart homes.

The conference's Huawei consumer BG CEO Yu Chengdong and Huawei's consumer BG smart home field general manager Shannon Jin made keynote speeches and released important information on “Wisdom Future Ecological Fertile Land”. In an interview with the media, Huawei mentioned that it will work with strategic partners such as Op Lighting to jointly realize the rapid landing of Huawei’s “Ten Billion Plan”. From 2016, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei and joined Huawei’s “Ten Billion Plan” this year to become Huawei’s “scholarly selected partner”. This shows Optel’s strong corporate strength and innovation capabilities. Optronics won the first sales of Tmall's double 11 home lighting products in 2013-2017. Not long ago, it was selected by the China Light Industry Council as one of China's Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises in 2017. This time, with its solid product technology capabilities, Zhiqing Reading, Reading and Reading Lamps and Yueguang Fragrance Lamps can both be listed in Huawei's more than 70 categories and more than 500 series products. They are selected in the Huawei Series.

In addition to the Huawei Mall, consumers can also experience the flagship cooperation products such as the Wisdom reading and reading lamp and the Wyatt fragrance lamp that are printed on the Huawei terminal such as the Huawei experience store.

On the one hand, this proves the strong strength of Ops in the field of lighting, and at the same time, it also tests the strategic cooperation relationship between Optronics' intelligent lighting products and Huawei's HiLink platform with full trust and seamless connection. This strategic partnership further confirms that Huawei's HiLink platform is committed to building brand symbiosis, traffic sharing, and experiencing the strategic direction of a new smart home ecology. This direction coincides with Optronics' focus on its own development, and at the same time, the intelligent development strategy of open innovation and cross-border integration coincides. As the smart home market matures, the active interaction between industry leading hardware brands including Op lighting and Huawei's dedicated connection platform such as HiLink will help to quickly advance the entire smart ecosystem and ultimately bring Give consumers a higher quality smart life experience.

Just as Optoelectronics CTO Qi Xiaoming attended the opening forum in June of this year, he stated that “Innovation in the industry requires cross-border cooperation and vertical integration of the core smart value chain.” In the future, OP will continue to work together with top brands in various industries to break down barriers in the industry. Build an open and interconnected new smart home environment, and fully promote the development and layout of smart homes and cities.

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