How to use lighting to create the Museum's lighting environment

- Sep 26, 2016-

With continuous upgrades of LED light light control, lighting of the individual applications have had a huge impact, Museum lighting have also been more and more attention.
Museum lighting, different heritage exhibits on light source illumination uniformity, glare, color temperature, color rendering, illumination and so have different requirements. Using general lighting to achieve uniform illumination of the entire scene; and the use of lighting to highlight heritage, to create different visual effects, allow audiences to appreciate cultural relics.
Meanwhile, it is necessary to provide viewers with good visual environment, but also to show relics of optical radiation to minimize damage, safe, reliable, affordable, advanced technology, energy saving, easy maintenance requirements.
COB LED products light source is the right choice of Museum lighting.
As we know, show artifacts when the light will also receive thermal radiation and ultraviolet radiation, and long-term radiation can lead to damage to the exhibits cultural relics. In addition, you also need to control light intensity, especially of goods with high sensitivity to light, you need low light exposure or exposure time.
As LED lighting with low energy consumption and has a very low UV and infrared components, you can meet the functional requirements of Museum lighting, namely, by lighting the right to exhibit the shape, color, texture, while controlling glare, shadows and so on, protect exhibits from thermal radiation and ultraviolet radiation damage. Moreover, the dimming of the LED illumination control is relatively easy.

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