How To Retrofit A 430 Watt HID Fixture?

- Jun 25, 2018-

How To Retrofit A 430 Watt HID Fixture?

How to Retrofit a 430 Watt HID Fixture

Where do you start? What are the options? Should you consider a Retrofit kit or use a 360-degree post top screw in the bulb? Here are some of the things you should consider before you purchase...You’ve heard that switching to energy efficient lighting can save money, but where do you start?

Old 430W HID (Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium) systems are installed almost everywhere in commercial and industrial applications. You see them in parking fixtures, flood lights, wall packs, cobra heads and for lighting indoor spaces like factories, warehouses, and gymnasiums. Energy costs are rising, so how can you take advantage of converting to LED flood light ?

Well, there are options available for you. What works for you is totally dependent on your fixtures and your goals. You can expect at least 50% energy savings. You should expect more. Add controls, and you can achieve up to 90%. 


What retrofit options do I have?

Typically, you have 3 options to convert from HID over to LED flood light fixtures

New fixture – Maybe your fixtures are old and are failing. Replacing them would be your best option.

Bolt in Retrofit Kits – Requires removal of bulb, ballast, reflector and socket. Kit contains everything you need to add LED Head and LED Driver. 

Screw in LED lamps – This would require you to remove the ballast and direct wire the socket to the power source. Post-Top Bulbs are a good example of this type of retrofit.


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