How to protect outdoor LED display?

- Apr 27, 2017-

As we all know, LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor, indoor display needs moisture, outdoor display not only need moisture, as well as waterproof. If the waterproof, moisture-proof work is not in place, very likely to cause short-circuit display, serious may also lead to fire and so on. So, in this rainstorm is faster than the open book season, waterproof, moisture-proof LED display is essential work.

How to do a good job of LED display moisture, waterproof it?

For the indoor display, the first moderate ventilation. Moderate ventilation can help quickly evaporate the water vapor attached to the display, reducing the relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, to avoid ventilation in some windless and humid weather, this will increase the indoor humidity; Secondly, in the indoor desiccant, with physical moisture absorption method to reduce the air in the water; or open the air conditioning for dehumidification, if the display Installed in the installation of air conditioning, you can open the air in humid weather for dehumidification.


The outdoor LED display itself is more complex than the indoor environment, moisture can take indoor methods, but the outdoor screen not only to consider the damp problem, but also do waterproof and other routine maintenance work, especially in the rainy season, so good Of the sealed installation can help the display to reduce the risk of water, regularly clean the display inside and outside the attached dust, can also help the display better heat, reduce the water vapor attached.

At the same time, in the latter part of the process, the humidity is too large cause LED display PCB board, power supply, power lines and other components are more easily oxidized corrosion, and failure, so this requires us to produce LED display, the PCB board Do anti-corrosion treatment. Such as its surface coated with three yellow paint, power and power lines to use high-quality accessories, welding is the most vulnerable to corrosion, to pay attention to the work of protection, in particular, is the framework, easy to rust, Rust treatment.

Finally, whether it is indoor screen or outdoor screen, to avoid the destruction of the screen function of the most effective way is often used, the working state of the display itself will produce some heat, can be some of the steam evaporated, so greatly reduced Dampness causes the possibility of short circuit. Therefore, the often used display screen, relatively less commonly used display humidity is much smaller.Outdoor indoor waterproof lights, access to (

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