How To Light Up A Golf Course With High Power Led Flood Light?

- May 21, 2018-

How To Light Up A Golf Course With High Power Led Flood Light?

There are two areas to consider for a recreational golf course lighting : the tees, fairways, and a pole that does not meet the golf course close to 250 meters. A row of spotlights was placed in the teeing area, and then a pole was placed on both sides of the fairway, 20 meters high.

The overall light has most of the narrow angles of the floodlights. The light beam of the medium beam illuminates the tees and the existing light-filling area. Set some high-pole luminaires to place the tees to pay attention to the majority of players' right hand serve habits. Here, the light pole should be about 5 meters behind the server; the arrangement of the light pole and the lighting direction should pay attention to the guidance of the light to the air's running track, and avoid setting the light pole on the running track of the air ball. Pay attention to the vertical lighting importance of the stadium; avoid direct glare effects on players. Go to the scene to experience the observation, according to the site terrain for detailed planning.


To play golf at night, there must be sufficient illumination, which puts a very high demand on golf course lighting. Illumination of golf course lighting requirements are different from other sports field lighting. The issues to be considered are different from other sports fields. The golf course is large, many times larger than other sports fields, and divided into many fairways. For a golf course with a par 72, there are 18 fairways and 18 holes; in addition, the fairway’s The direction is basically one-way, and the adjacent fairways are mostly unidirectional, and the topography of the fairway is varied in variety and ups and downs, making the positioning of the light pole, the type of light source, and the light projection direction of the light fixture distinctly different from other sports fields. It seems more complex and more challenging to design.

Golf is an outdoor sport that makes full use of space. People walk on the grass and the ball flies above the grass. Therefore, when considering the lighting of the stadium, not only the illuminance of the golfer's walking but also the ball on the lawn must be considered. The illuminance of the time, more importantly, is to make the light of the court space as much as possible relevant to the space above the court, and not to make the sphere dim. In other words, flood lighting is used, with one or more large area light sources, or small light sources from multiple directions, so that the lighting light is soft and satisfies the visual requirements of the golfer, so that it is under the light and in the sun Like to be able to swing.

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