How To Light Up A Baseball Park With Baseball Stadium Lights?

- Jul 22, 2018-

How To Light Up A Baseball Park With Baseball Stadium Lights?

Siosun products are delivering energy savings and better light for baseball players and fans, reports MAURY WRIGHT, and network controls enable special effects that enhance the experience of chinese baseball park.

LED lights for your baseball stadium can improve the ball game for players and spectators alike. Major League Baseball (MLB) parks host over 80 regular season games; that’s a lot of time for your bulbs to burn. Siosun can convert your baseball stadium lights to LED, which will save you money and maintenance time.

Baseball Stadium Lights

Proper illuminance and light direction are critical in baseball parks. The baseball may travel at over 130 miles per hour many times over the course of a game. Make sure that your ball field is evenly lit for maximum visibility in both the infield and the outfield. And even more importantly, make sure that there is no direct glare from your light sources as you don’t want your team to drop the game-winning out!


Lighting Requirements for Baseball Field

Lighting requirements for each baseball field depend on the type of play, whether at the little league, high school, college or professional level. Recently, MLB has sparked a sustainability movement towards a more “green” environment with a focus on energy and water efficiency, and this green initiative has traveled across collegiate sports leagues as well.

Foot-Candles and Ball Park Lighting

At the professional level, LG-MX requires 300 foot-candles for the infield and 225 foot-candles for the outfield. High-efficiency LED field lighting will not only make a difference in the quality of light, but also in the cost savings. We think it’s time to “bench” your current lights and install an LED system.

Baseball fields vary greatly in size per location, ownership, and league status. Siosun can retrofit any school, small town, municipal government, or minor or major league ball club to completely customize the ball park LED lighting. Make it look like daylight, even when it’s a night game!

For baseball park LED lights, Siosun can take care of all your LED lighting needs. Headquartered in China for your local rep’s contact information and more on baseball stadium LED lights.

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