How To Install Golf Course Lighting With 1000w Led Flood Light

- Apr 19, 2018-

How To Install Golf Course Lighting With 1000w Led Flood Light?

The illuminance level of golf course and practice field generally requires the level illumination of the tee area 200~250lux, and the vertical illumination at the height of 200 lux and 5 meters is 80~120lux.

How to install golf course lighting with 1000w led flood light?

The two sides of the practice field are designed to play on the side and the practice field on both sides of the combination of lights, the practice can be arranged on both sides of the electric telescopic lifting light pole or use the fence on the fence on the layout of lights. Lift light pole, electric telescopic lift light pole, Electric telescopic lift light pole.

The height of the golf course lighting pitch pole is determined by two factors: 1. The level of the site to the glare and overflow light requirements; 

2. The width of the driving field. Recommended height of 21 meters of electric telescopic lifting light pole. 


Advantages: The overall lighting effect is the best, both the horizontal illuminance value also has the vertical direction illuminance value, and the glare and the overflow light is small. If the combination of the structure of the purse can effectively save costs. 

Disadvantage: High equipment cost, installation cost and maintenance cost of the latter is more expensive than the scheme.

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