How to distinguish LED board is good or bad?

- Jun 26, 2017-

 How to distinguish LED board is good or bad?

    How to distinguish LED board is good or bad? Look material

    1, LED unit plate plate: Some LED unit board manufacturers in order to low-cost competition, the use of cheap flame retardant paper board or single-sided fiber board as LED lights PCB circuit board. Because, all glass fiber PCB board is too expensive. The beginning of the results can not see the difference, but fortunately, then support for six months, eight months, under normal circumstances less than a year because of damp, ultraviolet damage, oxidation and other reasons and fracture, resulting in the entire LED unit plate scrapped. High-quality LED unit board must use double-sided all-glass PCB board, although the high cost, but the quality is guaranteed.


    2, IC: observe the use of IC device brand is consistent. What type of IC, and how many ICs are needed to affect the quality of the board. There are some businesses, in order to save costs, in the production unit board will deliberately reduce the number of IC, or mixed with some other brands of IC. IC different, how can guarantee the stability of the board performance?


    3, lamp beads and chips: light to see the naked eye, is unable to distinguish between good and bad lamp beads. Can only rely on a long test, that is, experts say aging test. General small workshop approach is that the factory power, check the LED display is not able to function properly, is not going through a long aging test. Because they can not afford this time cost and labor costs.


    How to distinguish LED board is good or bad? Specific inspection methods introduced

    1. Check the appearance quality of the selected material

    ①PCB sheet and processing quality;

    ② IC device brand and consistency;

    ③ luminous lattice quality;

    2. Check circuit design circuit design specifications, PCB layout meet LED display technical requirements;


    3. Check the welding quality


    Check whether the patch is missing parts, wrong paste phenomenon, whether there is the phenomenon of component pin burr short circuit. Check whether the plug-in solder joints are smooth and round, whether the board is clean and tidy, no welding. Check the uniformity of the flatness of the luminous dots and the color of the ink.


    4. Power test (refer to the "performance test report" steps)

    ① power test luminescence dot matrix consistency;

    ② power test on the row drive tube CEM4953 is effective protection;

    ③ power test signal transmission capacity.

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