How to design football field lighting

- Mar 20, 2018-

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Football is a highly confrontational collective athletic events, which is widely popular sport in the world. The history of the development of football is sufficient to explain the vitality and influence. In accordance with FIFA, the length of soccer venues is 105 ~ 110m, the width is 68 ~ 75m, there should be not an obstacle 5m at least within the bottom line and the outer edge course to ensure the safety of athletes.

Soccer field lighting is divided into indoor football stadium lighting and outdoor football stadium lighting, which lamp should be installed depends on the venue. How to determine the standard is based on the features of the football field, which is divided into seven levels, training and entertainment illumination 200lx, amateur competitions 500lx, professional game 750lx, general TV broadcast 1000lx, large-scale international competitions HD television 1400lx, TV emergency 750lx.

LED lighting in football field.

1   high power LED flood light

The 1000W, 1500W metal halide lamp or spotlights used to be adopted as traditional football field lighting, because there are high-energy, short life, inconvenient installation, poor color rendering, the insufficient actual brightness and other shortcomings, which has been difficult to meet the lighting requirements of modern stadiums.

The LED lighting on top of the football stadium venue should have enough illumination so that athletes should avoid causing glare. The pole lamp or LED flood lights are generally used in soccer field, which can be installed on the edge of the stands roof, or mounted on top of the pole mounted around the stadium; how many LED flood lights and pole lamps should be installed and how to arrange them shall be based on the different requirements of LED lighting in different soccer field.



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