How To Design Basketball Court Lighting With 400w Led Flood Light?

- May 28, 2018-

How To Design Basketball Court Lighting With 400w Led Flood Light?

The sports illumination should provide the good visual environment for the athlete, the referee, the scene audience as well as the television broadcast camera personnel. Intelligent Sea Lighting for this French stadium lighting system provides 400w led flood light

The top cloth lamp is generally a large comprehensive stadium to solve the lighting technology effect of a better form, basketball venues mainly consider the structure of the stadium itself, the use of the top cloth lamp; The horizontal illumination and vertical illumination of the lighting system enable the athlete to track and see the direction and speed of the ball and the movement of the other players, and the cloth lamp is arranged evenly, The good space illumination and its uniformity become the key to the lighting design of the stadium. 


The design takes into account the sports venues in the standards emphasized: the high quality of the stadium should control the shadow, in order to ensure the lighting effect, illuminance uniformity and other requirements while fully consider the glare of the competition athletes, referees and the impact of the audience and make it to the minimum.

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