How To Control Glare On Ice Sports Lighting Fixtures?

- May 24, 2018-

How To Control Glare On Ice Sports Lighting Fixtures?

In order to ensure the athletes and spectators can track rapid movement of the athletes on the ice, see the athletes' movements, ice sports should have a higher level of lighting, especially in large gymnasium, because the audience distance far sports venues, in order to see the game, ice sports need high levels of illumination.

 The visibility of moving objects depends on the size, speed and brightness of the object and its background brightness and ambient brightness. The characteristics of short track speed skating is fast, but I don't need to watch the subtle movement, like figure skating for spins desirable low illuminance values, generally speaking, higher intensity of illumination on both ends of the ice, middle intensity of illumination can be lower. For safety reasons, the ice field lighting system is separated from the lighting system in public places such as access passages and parking lots.


Glare makes viewing difficult, while reducing the visual comfort of people and controlling the glare of athletes and spectators. The glare can be controlled by limiting the apparent brightness of the light source in the main direction. For the ice movement, it is easy to realize the brightness of the main line of sight is lower than the horizontal brightness, so the control glare can take the following measures:

(1) the light intensity distribution of the selected lamps shall be in accordance with the illumination, uniformity of illumination, site eating and installation height requirements.

(2) lighting equipment should be outside the main field of view of athletes and spectators.

(3) use additional anti-glare shielding components on the lamps to control the brightness in a certain direction so as to reduce glare.

(4) for indoor space, ensure proper illumination of the auditorium, to ensure that the background of the lighting fixture is not too dark, and the upper and ceiling of the wall should have appropriate reflection ratio. It is suggested that the main surface reflection ratio should be set as follows:

1) the ceiling's reflection ratio is above 0.6, and the ceiling reflection ratio should be as high as possible, so as to minimize the brightness between the luminance and ceiling.

2) the reflection ratio of the wall is 0.3~0.6.

3) if the reflectance of the ceiling material is less than 0.6, the brightness comparison can be improved by projecting a certain beam into the ceiling area.

(5) the reflected light caused by the light of the lamps on the ice will cause indirect glare, so the indirect glare should be avoided through appropriate cloth lamps and occlusion.


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