How To Choose Warehouse Lighting?

- Aug 13, 2018-

How To Choose Warehouse Lighting?

For many years, warehouse lighting has been a large expense for any warehouse operator. From the massive energy bills to produce the adequate lighting, to a call in productivity and an increase in accidents while not it, the political economy and worker prosperity aspects of lighting want an intensive examination. 

Advancing technology in LEDs and good controls square measure creating the lives of warehouse operators so much easier, however, and maintaining optimum light-weight levels is currently easier than ever before. 

The correct lighting conditions square measure essential to a piece setting. Not solely do they create the warehouse safer, reducing the amount of accidents, however they additionally raise and maintain concentration with a large positive impact on the productivity of staff. this is often particularly necessary to warehouses that operate twenty four hours on a daily basis and also the staff UN agency work shifts. it's necessary to recollect although that an excessive amount of light-weight is as damaging as deficient, making a severely uncomfortable glare.


When purchasing lighting for a new warehouse or hangar, we see many customers confused by all the options available on the market. In this post we’ll be listing the top pro’s and con’s of each type of warehouse light and going into the best options for each application. We’ve seen several people make terrible decisions based on either misinformation or investing into older technology.

First off, you might as well say goodbye to metal halide or fluorescent lighting if your upgrading your fixtures completely. In this day and age, you’re just throwing away money if you’re investing in outdated technology, especially with how cheap LED based options are. This is especially true when talking about wholesale ordering of lights as the prices just keep getting better and LED’s keep becoming more and more efficient.

Types of warehouse lighting

There are a few types of fixtures to choose from when it comes to high ceilings and large areas. Some are better fits for lower ceilings while others are designed for higher ceilings. Different designs also differ in the lumens per watt they provide so if you’re going to run a tight ship, you’ll have fewer options.


UFO high bay lights

These lights are very low profile, come in a variety of beam angles and the most efficient option to choose. UFO lights are just that, they look like small extraterrestrial objects that pack a massive punch. They come in a variety of mounting options overall very versatile. These lights can be used in stadiums, hangars, and high ceiling area. They are typically rated at 50,000 hours and should come with a 5 year warranty. We ourselves offer a full replacement warranty on this style of lighting . UFO lights also range up to 170 lumens per watt, although the price tag of those models doesn’t make them a smart investment at this time. The best balance of price and performance is around 130-140 lumens per watt.


These lights are perfect for creating an even light distribution, such as having these in between your warehouse racks to light up the walkways. If you walk into your local home depot, you will see the fluorescent version of this style of light. If you have high stacked goods, these might be a better choice for you as they come fairly close in terms of specs & performance to the UFO lights with a more linear distribution of light.  Typically these fixtures will be easy to install and connect together to form a single line of light. As with any commercial purchase, we recommend making sure you buy fixtures with a 5 year warranty.


Low bay fixtures are meant for ceiling lower than 20 feet high. Typically these types of lights will go into smaller warehouses, shops, and lower ceiling stores. Many of the fixtures in circulation now are shop fixtures that just have fluorescent tube lights inside of them – we recommend replacing these with LED tubes instead which can be plugged right into the current setup for instant savings. This helps you save money on all new fixtures – this could save a large parking garage tons of money with a lot of the benefits.

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