How To Choose The Light Color Of Sports Lighting?

- Jun 15, 2018-

How To Choose The Light Color Of Sports Lighting?

The spectral energy structure determines the color of light. However, for the physical meaning of spectral distribution, except for professional technicians, it is difficult for most people to grasp its practical physical meaning. If the general engineering technicians, especially the private sports venues investment operators. Using spectral energy distribution structure to identify site lighting, the actual operability is very low.

However, this is not to say that in the actual stadium lighting design. To the light color discrimination and evaluation of sports lighting, there is no point to grasp.


In fact, every kind of stadium lamp has its own unique characteristics of light color corresponding to the spectral energy distribution structure. Some of the field lights are in a particular light color. Some of the stadium lights are represented by the specific color temperature of the light body.

Just because of sports lighting, different kinds and technical performance quality are different, light color performance characteristics will be different. In the lighting design project of the stadium, we can identify the light color quality of the stadium lights according to the light color performance characteristics of the stadium lights.


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