How To Choose Led Parking Lot Pole Lights?

- May 23, 2018-

How To Choose Led Parking Lot Pole Lights?

With the rapid economic development, high-rise residential district has been all over the country's large and medium-sized cities, underground car parks have entered the eyes of the people. Because most of the underground garage is a high-rise building foundation part, generally deep underground a few meters or more than 10 meters.

 Can not do natural lighting, and can only choose the traditional fluorescent lamp to provide daily lighting, its lighting is long for the whole day Hou 24 hours, but most of the time is no one without car status. caused a lot of energy waste, but also to the parking lot managers bring a large cost burden. led parking lot lights in the lighting field of the application of rapid development, to people's lives to bring about tremendous changes. 


LED is a long life and energy conservation of the enormous potential to promote led into the lighting industry two important reasons, many scholars have predicted that led will become the 21st century mainstream lighting source. 2009 years of force will be infrared induction technology and LED lamp organic combination, the use of infrared sensing technology to control the light and shade of LED lamps and lanterns, the realization of people to the lights, people go into the low power of the lamp sleep state, for the car park monitoring system to provide basic lighting. LED infrared sensor Lamp was born, so that the led lights for parking lots more than 80% energy-saving. With the changing market demand, at the end of 2011, to force Pu introduced the LED radar induction lamp. and formally the garage induction lamp for its application position is divided into lane lights and parking lights.

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