How To Choose High Quality Led Airport Lighting?

- May 03, 2018-

How To Choose High Quality Led Airport Lighting?

Airport lighting system is an important reference for aircraft landing and ground taxiing. In recent years, with the advent of LED navigation aids, it is a major improvement in the technology of navigation aids. 

Early listing, because of its high price is difficult to promote in the civil aviation industry, and as technology matures and process improvement, LED lamps compared to the traditional lamp price gap is gradually reduced, and its operational stability, light source life, color, Luminous uniformity, energy-saving advantages are obvious, which gives LED navigation lighting in the airport to promote the convenience of the conditions.


According to the data from 2018, the number of domestic airports reached 32 million with passenger throughput reaching more than 10 million. Taking the capital airport where the author is located as an example, the number of flights still shows an increasing trend each year, and the aircraft models are also getting larger and larger. There are airlines queuing to enter the capital airport flight time, in this context, the contradiction between the operation of the aircraft and ground facilities maintenance is increasingly apparent, therefore, to improve the stability of the ground facilities reached a consensus within the airport.

This year, on the basis of adhering to the bottom line of flight safety, the CAAC proposed the concept of high-quality development and put forward even higher requirements for the operation and management of airports. Runway safety is also the top priority. Against this background, the runway protection Safety, shift the focus of work to the maintenance of the runway facilities, reached a consensus within the airport, LED airport lighting due to its low failure rate, reducing the workload of maintenance personnel, improve the stability of the navigation light system, the focus of the transfer of the best select.


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