How To Choose A Perfect Light For Stadium Lighting?

- Apr 12, 2018-

How To Choose A Perfect Light For Stadium Lighting?

I believe that everyone has been to the stadium, the lighting design is important for stadium. Especially now the building of a lot of full-featured stadiums, its lighting is very important. 

This is because the stadium lighting design is not only to meet the needs of various competitions in the stadium, but also to ensure that the audience from all angles can see clearly. So what are the requirements for the design of led stadium lights? If we put the multi-functional gymnasium into the functional division, it can be divided into two parts, one part is the venue, the other is the auxiliary location. 

 Then, there are a number of other design and functional divisions that can be used in the secondary area, such as water, audience, etc. Then, from the angle of these areas to design the night lighting, it is necessary to meet people can clearly see each game, but also to ensure that any one action athletes can be clearly seen by the referee.


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