How Much Does It Cost To Run Arena Lights?

- Jul 12, 2018-

How Much Does It Cost To Run Arena Lights?

A friend of mine just started a horse business. She says it costs $30.00 an hour to run horse arena lights. She doesn't want people riding after 7 pm because of the lights. I told her I could never board at her place because I work! And half the time I cannot even get to the barn until 6:30 pm. She lives far away so I would not board with her anyway. But I am curious about what the average cost to run arena lights for an hour would be?

Ask her to look at her electric bill. Divide the total by the number of Kilowatt-hours. This gives dollars per kilowatt-hour 

Total up the number of lights, multiply by their wattage. ... divide that by 1000 to get kilowatts. Multiply that result by (dollars per kilowatt-hour ) gives electricity cost per hour. add in some money for maintenance ... the cost to light the place.


Depends on your utility supplier

I almost never turn on the arena lights in my indoor.

Barn lights in my small 2-stall barn are only on when I'm out there feeding at dawn or dusk.

Electric on the budget plan has crept up over the 10yrs from $24/mo to the current $48.

The only other use of power besides lights (cold ballast fluorescent) is 2 heated buckets & a sinking deicer for the trough.

And those run for maybe 6mos - depending on temps dipping below 40F.

Oh yeah, and my small radio - also on only when I'm there.

As others have said, the costs depend on where you are, but $30/hr is way too high.

However, I have been in a lot of barns that are fanatical about turning all the arena lights led off every time they are not in use and then turning them back on the next time they are needed. It costs way more for big arena lights to be turned off/on multiple times a day than it would cost to just leave them on all day. It takes a lot of energy to warm the lights up every time they are needed.

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