How Much Does It Cost To Install An LED Pool Light?

- Oct 15, 2018-

How Much Does It Cost To Install An LED Pool Light?

This really comes done to two things; Type of light & Brand.

Brand of Light – there are many brands of swimming pool lights on the market. Some cheap ones can be found on eBay. The halogens start at $120 and the LED’s start at $150. These brands are generic and usually come with a short warranty and may or may not be good quality.


The better branded underwater pool lights can be found online and in pool stores. These lights normally have a longer warranty and more importantly, the manufacturer has been around for some time and has a proven track record. You’re much more likely to get a better quality light here. Halogens start at $180 and the LEDs range from $270 to $650.

Type of Light: in Australia, this comes down to halogen or LED. Halogen lights have been around forever and LED lights are a fairly new technology. LED has been revolutionising the entire lighting industry and it’s no different for the pool industry.

LEDTop Brand$270-$600
HalogenTop Brand$180-$400

(i) What is the purpose of providing pool lighting system to the swimming pool?

Ans.: The purpose of requiring the provision of swimming pool lighting system is to let the lifeguards or other persons may observe, without interference from direct and reflected glare from the lighting sources, every part of the underwater area with no blind spot and swimming pool surface or other appurtenances. Illumination shall enable a lifeguard or other persons to determine whether a bather is lying on the bottom of the pool.

(ii) Can the glare to the swimming pool users be controlled and the amount of spilled light to the neighbourhood be reduced?

Ans.: The adoption of the narrow beam type floodlight fittings together with suitable design of the mounting height and aiming angle of the floodlights, the glare to the facility users would be controlled and at the same time, the amount of spilled light to the neighbourhood would be reduced. 

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