How Many Lumens Does A 1000 Watt Metal Halide Produce?

- Sep 21, 2018-

How Many Lumens Does A 1000 Watt Metal Halide Produce?

What is a metal halide lamp?

The metal halide lamp is an AC power source that produces an arc discharge luminous discharge lamp in a mixed vapor of mercury and a rare metal halide. The metal halide lamp is a third generation made of various metal halides based on a high pressure mercury lamp.

1000W Metal Halide Fixtures can produce upwards of 100,000 lumens when a new bulb and ballast are installed. Though this may seem like a lot of light, it really isn’t nearly as much as it sounds. This measure is at the arc tube in the center of the 1000w lamp.   Once the light is emitted, it bounces around in the fixture before it is reflected on to the ground.  This causes a drastic drop in lumens by the time the light travels from the fixture to the illuminated surface. Secondly, as the metal halide lamp ages, it is typical for the lamp itself to depreciate by as much as 35 percent within the first six to nine months from the date of installation. The end result is a lumen discharge somewhere in the vicinity of 43,000 lumens.


Features of Metal Halide Fixtures 

Metal halide lamp is one of the most excellent electric light sources in the world. It has high luminous efficiency (65~140lm/w), long life (5000~20000h), good color rendering (Ra65~95), compact structure, stable performance, etc. Features. It combines the advantages of fluorescent lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and overcomes the defects of these lamps. Metal halide lamps bring together the main advantages of gas discharge sources. 

In particular, it has three advantages: high luminous efficiency, long life and good light color. Therefore, metal halide lamps are developing rapidly and are used more and more widely. The metal halide lamp on the market is the same as other gas discharge lamps. The filler in the lamp contains mercury. Mercury is a toxic substance. 

When the lamp is injected with mercury, it may cause pollution to the production environment and damage the health of the worker. When the arc tube is exhausted, a trace amount of mercury vapor is discharged. If it is not handled properly, it will be directly discharged into the atmosphere. When the used lamp is damaged, it will cause environmental pollution. 


A gas discharge lamp that emits light by irradiation of a mixture of a metal vapor (for example, mercury) and a decomposition product of a halide (such as a halide of an element such as barium, sodium, cesium, or indium). It has a characteristic spectral line with added metal, so the light color is improved, and the light effect is also improved. The relevant color temperature of this kind of lamp is about 4000K, the color rendering index is 70, and the luminous efficiency is above 701m/W.

How does the metal halide fixtures shine?

Three-phase lighting of metal halide lamps

1. The trigger phase. There is no filament in the metal halide lamp, only two electrodes, directly plus the working voltage can not ignite, must first add high pressure to ionize the gas inside the lamp. The high voltage is generated by a dedicated trigger.

2. The fire phase. After the lamp is triggered, the discharge voltage of the electrode further heats the electrode to form a glow discharge and creates conditions for the arc discharge.

3. Normal lighting stage. Under the action of glow discharge, the electrode temperature is getting higher and higher, the number of electrons emitted is increasing, and the transition to arc discharge is rapid. As the temperature rises further, the light of the lamp becomes stronger and stronger until it is normal. The whole process takes more than one minute. If the starting current is large, the power starting performance is good, and the process can be shorter.

What It Takes To Replace 1000W Metal Halide with LED

In order to truly replace 1000w Metal Halide with LED Lighting, we need to provide an LED Fixture that is “Equal” to a brand new 1000w Metal Halide or better. This means you need an LED flood light fixture that can deliver 36,000 or more lumens to the ground. The new Omega F2 does just that, plus a little bit more just in case. At only 450 Watts, the Omega F2 delivers 47,250 lumens (105 Lumens Per Watt) providing you an equal plus 20%. But we didn’t stop there…  The Genius also comes in 600w (63,000 Lumens), then we added the 750W (78,750 Lumens) and we just took it one step more to introduce the 900W – (94,500 Lumen) which can more than replace (2) 1000w Metal Halides with only a single LED flood light . That’s insane right? Not when you consider that it costs less to make a fixture that will replace (2) 1000w Metal Halide Fixtures, than it does to buy (2) Fixtures that would each only replace (1) 1000w Metal Halide!

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