How Do You Control Glare From Football Field Lighting?

- Jun 26, 2018-

How Do You Control Glare From Football Field Lighting?

What is glare? 

 Glare-in the field of vision brightness is extremely bright or strong contrast, it can cause discomfort or visual degradation of the phenomenon, known as glare in two reasons: one is the physiological reasons, one is the cause of the lamp. 

What is the cause of the glare?

Physiological reasons are: 

1, due to high brightness of the stimulation, so that the pupil shrink 

2, because the cornea or lens and other intraocular tissue to produce light scattering, the formation of light in the eye 

3, because the retina is stimulated by high brightness, to adapt to the state of the lamp produced glare of the main factors.


How to control the glare from the football field lighting ?

1, Direct limitation of light source brightness or use of translucent materials to weaken glare 

2, lighting protection angle control glare

Razorlux’s selection of football field lighting and mounting adapters contains all that a small to the mid-sized field requires to solve the problems of shadows and glare. Improper use of football field outdoor lighting fixtures can lead to serious injuries as shadows make it hard for players to navigate the field, and glare can blind the eyes if in the field of view. This same principle holds true for tennis court lighting layouts.

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