Have You Considered Lighting Your Football Field?

- Jun 04, 2018-

Have You Considered Lighting Your Football Field?

Football field lights can be divided into outdoor soccer field lighting and indoor stadium, outdoor (inside) of illuminance standard is as follows: the length of a football field training and recreation illumination 200 lx (300 lx), amateur competitions 300 lx (500 lx), a professional game 500 lx (750 lx), general TV broadcast 1000 lx (1000 lx), large international hd 1400 lx (1400 lx) on TV, TV emergency 1000 lx (750 lx).

The layout of special lights for football field needs to be arranged according to the size and lighting requirements of different football fields.

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The basic size of a football field can be divided into the following categories:

The 5-man football field is rectangular, 25-42m long and 15-25m wide. In any case, the area of the international competition venue should be 38 ~ 42m long and 18 ~ 22m wide.

The stadium of the man-made football match is a rectangle with a length of 25-42m and a width of 15-25m. In any case, the area of the international arena should be 38 -42 meters long and 18-22 meters wide.

Size of 7-man soccer field: 65-68 m long and 45-48 m wide

The size of 11-person football field is 90-120m long and 45-90m wide. International standard dimensions: 105-110m long, width: 68-75m.

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