Golf course lighting

- Jun 28, 2017-

Golf LED Lighting General requirements of the tee field level of illumination 200 ~ 250Lux, in the 200 yards 5 meters height of the vertical illumination 80 ~ 120Lux. At present, the golf course lighting design of the pole is designed to have four kinds of design, the design principle and the advantages and disadvantages of the cloth light design on both sides of the driving range, the design of the lamp and the design of the lamp on the roof.

1, after the stage or both sides of the pole design

Electric telescopic lift pole arranged in the rear of the table, the schematic diagram is as follows:


Electric telescopic lift pole height recommended 15 meters above the height to ensure that there is enough room in front of the vertical vertical illumination to track the ball's flight path. Electric telescopic lifting pole spacing in principle can not exceed the height of the lift pole twice. Order electric telescopic lift light pole to find Wuxi Gallo excellent quality and affordable service after-sales service.

Advantages: the most efficient equipment, the installation of the most simple.

Disadvantages: glare and spill light serious.

Successful case: Guangzhou Nanhai Taoyuan driving range.

2, driving range on both sides of the cloth light design

2500W LED court lighting.png

Taiwan and the driving range on both sides of the combination of cloth on both sides of the way, driving range on both sides of the layout can be electric telescopic lift pole or the use of fence arranged in the fence on the network. Lifting pole, electric telescopic lift pole, Wuxi Gallo electric telescopic lift pole. Stadium height of the pole by the two factors:

1. the level of glare and spill light requirements;

2. The width of the driving range. Recommended height of 21 meters electric telescopic lift pole.

Advantages: the overall effect of the best lighting, both the horizontal direction of the illumination value is also the vertical direction of the illumination value, and glare and spill light small. If combined with the structure of the fence can effectively save costs.

Disadvantages: high cost of equipment, installation costs and post-maintenance costs more expensive than a program.

3, Golf lighting.png

Taiwan on both sides of the electric telescopic lift pole with the lamp design

When the use of the form of ground lights to achieve the driving range of the lighting, the need to combine the position of the tower electric telescopic lift pole way. Driving area over the field can guarantee a better vertical illumination.

Advantages: The vertical illumination over the exercise area is optimal.

Disadvantages: If the ball flew to the ground light barrier wall will lose track track, and the level of illumination is poor, high cost.

4, on the roof of the roof light design

4court led flood light.gif

The most simple cloth light program, electric telescopic lift pole arranged in the roof of the roof, the roof height of the proposed minimum of more than 8 meters. As the height of the electric telescopic lifting light pole is low, if the flying height of the ball exceeds the projection height of the lamp, the flight path of the ball will lose in the high altitude, and the horizontal illumination of the front and rear regions will change greatly.

Advantages: the lowest cost, but the installation and maintenance costs higher.

Disadvantages: glare and spill light is very serious.

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