Freeway Tunnel Lighting Control and PLC Realization

- Jan 20, 2018-

Freeway Tunnel Lighting Control and PLC Realization

At present, newly opened highways generally have problems of low traffic but high operating costs. Highway tunnel lighting costs a large part of operating costs. Therefore, the energy-saving control of tunnel lighting has been one of the concerns of tunnel operators. This article expects to discuss the problems existing in the current energy-saving lighting control from two aspects of lighting regulation and practical application, and gives a reasonable principle. First, through the analysis of lighting design specifications, people get rid of the misunderstanding of the sunny, cloudy, cloudy sky, overcast day, night and late night in the lighting level so as to better guide the user to use the reasonable level of control. Secondly, by analyzing the sunrise and sunset of the Huozhou area from January to June and the 13th of each month in Shanxi Huozhou area, the timeliness problem of the tunnel lighting control schedule control scheme is often described and a reasonable time sequence is proposed Control plan. Thirdly, according to the experience of many years of project implementation, the conditions that should be satisfied in the design of PLC lighting control program are concluded, so as to ensure the safety of lighting control and meet the diversified requirements of users. The correct understanding of the user, PLC program from the program's effectiveness, safety and reliability has done a guarantee, which constitutes a complete lighting control system energy saving, and achieved good results in the implementation of the project.

First, the introduction of highway tunnel lighting control system In order to make the driver adapt to the poor brightness inside and outside the tunnel, eliminate the visual obstacles caused by changes in brightness and reduce the incidence of accidents, the tunnel should provide the ideal lighting to ensure traffic safety. Tunnel lighting control system based on the tunnel inside and outside the brightness detector detects the intensity of light outside the hole and the day and night and so on, control the tunnel lighting circuit to open or close to adjust the entrance and the cave illumination. In the case of driving safety to meet the tunnel lighting control system needs to save energy as much as possible and extend lamp life.

Second, the general principles of lighting control In order to facilitate user control of lighting in the tunnel, usually a number of loops into a level, different levels represent the different numbers of loops, thus affecting the illumination of different tunnels. In some design documents, the lighting is divided into six levels of lighting, namely sunny, cloudy, cloudy, heavy cloudy, night and late night. The lighting circuit opened in the sunny day is the largest, and the illuminance in the tunnel is the largest.

Third, lighting control existing misunderstanding Misunderstanding First: the level of lighting in sunny, cloudy misunderstanding Some design documents will be divided into six levels of lighting lighting are sunny, cloudy, cloudy, heavy cloudy, night and night. This has led some users to set the lighting level within the tunnel to sunny days as long as they are sunny, without distinction between summer and winter. In this way, in a clear winter, turning on the lighting circuit in the tunnel to the sunny day will result in the waste of energy.

Myth # 2: Comprehension of late night Under normal circumstances, when the lighting level is midnight, the lighting circuit in the middle section will have one basic circuit less than the lighting circuit at night level. There is nothing wrong with this setup, but the user will only think that Night Control can be used for lighting controls from 10:00 PM until 4:00 AM. This inflexible understanding of late at night.

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