Even if the lighting design is such a simple selection of lights, you will not choose!

- Mar 19, 2018-

Even if the lighting design is such a simple selection of lights, you will not choose!

The most commonly used lamps in the interior space are tube spotlights. Subdivisions are called downlights (non-adjustable angles) and spotlights (adjustable angles). Popular ones are called ceiling lamps. All in all, they are recessed recessed lamps, which are collectively known as Downlights. On the ceiling, only one face is revealed and the light shines down.

These lamps are too common, so many people are accustomed to it. However, with the author's 13 years of experience in the lighting industry, today, in the general interior space such as rooms/hotels/commercials, tube spotlights have been selected well, not only causing overall The light environment is not comfortable enough, it also affects the sense of design and degree of reduction of the interior space, and it also affects the lighting aesthetics of professionals including many developers and interior designers. It is good that the light fixtures are bright enough.

Many of the reasons mentioned above are that the selected lamps are not good enough; there are also some lamps that may be selected very expensive and very good, but they are not used properly. It should be noted that the lamp is more expensive and the lamp is better, but the effect is good and the lamp is expensive.

Then here are some suggestions based on the author's experience:

Yan value is just, in this look face can call her husband, show body can smash cell phone screen, red dot award, iF award began to be familiar with the era of explosive friends circle, regardless of any application place, any concerned people, the important must be the appearance!

The appearance of a luminaire includes industrial design, aesthetics, materials and crafts, etc.. All in all, it is a good-looking or unappealing lamp. Every day, bows are not seen, and they affect the mood!

With regard to the color value of the tube spotlights, they can be aligned with international brands such as ERCO, iGuzzini, FLOS, and Occhio. The appearance of their products is well-known in the industry.

In addition to watching the face, but also look at the body (size), the interior designers who I know, all wait for the same lighting effect, the smaller the spotlight, the better, if you can disappear the best! Two years ago, the author once saw that a CBD top-level office lobby used a high-powered downlight from a certain European brand. The effect was a lever. However, basin-sized lamps were mounted on ceilings. It was too ugly. The owners wanted to change lamps. However, the opening size of the basin can not make up for it.

Fortunately, with the development of technology, the trend of miniaturization of lamps and lanterns is becoming stronger and stronger. Combining ceiling height and lighting effects, select the smallest possible lamps so that the impact of the lamps on the space structure is as small as possible!

Whether it is a large decorative luminaire such as a chandelier chandelier or a small functional luminaire such as a tube spotlight track light, it is not independent of the building. It is part of this pattern of space, in addition to illuminating the space. And sometimes it can be part of this space decoration.

For example, breaking the traditional round linear downlight can make the narrow space more fluid.


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