Emergency Lighting System Of Marine Boat

- Apr 23, 2018-

Emergency Lighting System Of Marine Boat

Emergency lighting system of marine lighting(large emergency lighting)

Emergency lighting is put into use when the main grid fails to work. Marine led light for boat is supplied by the emergency switchboard via the emergency lighting distribution box. The voltage can be the same as normal lighting, and low voltage power can also be used.

The marine led lighting system is mainly distributed in important spaces in the engine room, crew members and passenger cabins, decks of boats and personnel channels. It is used for emergency lighting when the main switchboard loses power and the main lighting system fails. Its characteristics are as follows: Emergency generators are powered through emergency switchboards and dedicated lines. For passenger ships, the emergency power supply time should be greater than 36 h; for cargo ships, the emergency power supply time should generally be greater than 18h.


The regulations specify that passenger ships and cargo ships of 500 gross tonnage or more must have an appropriate amount of marine spotlight in the following locations:

(1) Important working cabins, such as cockpits (including chart rooms and radio work areas), fire stations, various control rooms, etc.

(2) Various machinery spaces, such as engine room, steering engine room, emergency generator room, etc.

(3) Access, exits, stairways, and passenger lifts.

(4) Landings, rafts and outboard spaces, and light signs leading to boats and rafts.

(5) A large number of crew members and passengers may gather in premises and more than 16 people's accommodation cabins, especially exports.

(6) Before and after the main switchboard and the emergency switchboard.

(7) Boiler water level indicator.

(8) Firemen's equipment storage place

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