Dunedin intends to use amber LED street lighting

- Apr 24, 2018-

Dunedin intends to use amber LED street lighting

The trend of using white LED street lamps to illuminate all over the world is obvious, but one city is considering not following this trend.

Dunedin, the second largest city on the South Island of New Zealand, is looking to install amber LED lighting that looks similar to current low-pressure sodium lighting.

Councillors have watched demonstrations of amber LEDs and must now decide whether to install white LEDs or amber LEDs in the coming months. The government has set aside 12 million New Zealand dollars (approximately CNY 55.43 million) for a 10-year LED street lighting program.

This decision is due to concerns that white LED street lights may have an impact on health. Michael Broughton, a member of the local "Dark Skies Group", pushed amber LEDs. He expressed concern about light pollution and hoped that the City Council could adopt amber LED lighting. He believes that amber light has little effect on humans, wild animals and the night sky.

Broughton emphasized that there is no perfect option yet, because all LED lights will have shortcomings.

If Dunedin uses amber LED street lights, it will be another city following Flagstaff, Arizona. Earlier, the city of Flagstaff decided to transition to amber LEDs in order to minimize light pollution.


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