Down light & lighting fixture Suppliers

- Jul 02, 2018-

Down light & lighting fixture Suppliers

Downlights (or down lighters) are one of the most modern and attractive types of lighting. With thousands of different down light to choose from, Downlights Direct has the most comprehensive range available. We are here to help with technical queries and advice on low energy downlights and lighting schemes.


When choosing downlights, make sure you consider the legal requirements (if any) for example; before choosing your downlights we recommend you refer to the Building Regulations.  Different Regulations will apply depending on what type of property they are being installed in. For instance; a residential dwelling is different to a commercial building. To be totally sure that you comply with the Building Regulations we recommend our latest range of downlights; EvoLED downlights. Evo LED downlights comply with Parts B,C,E, L and P of the Building Regulations and are suitable for commercial and residential use.


In terms of energy efficiency; downlights are generally not energy efficient. In almost all cases you will have to install numerous downlights to replace a single lighting fixture. For example; replacing a single light fitting with ten 50W halogen downlights would consume 500W instead of 100W and although the lighting effect would be superior there would be an increased cost on your energy bills. There is an alternative option; low energy downlights. LED lamps or Track Spot Light are now available that can replace halogen. Most LED and CFL lamps can be retrofitted into existing downlights. Some LED and CFL lamps are deeper such as the 11W GU10  or Philips Master LED bulb and require the use of a deeper downlight known as a CFL downlight. Complete LED downlights such as EvoLED or Kosnic are also available, they come with a downlight trim, LED module and LED driver. Less power goes in and more light comes out!

Low energy downlights such as LED or CFL will save you 80- 90% of energy and reduce your electricity bills while lasting twenty to fifty times longer than halogen. With recent advances in LED technology, power LED downlights and LED retrofit lamps are now available that out perform halogen and CFL in every way. Power LEDs provide a crisp, bright, white light and are instant startup unlike CFL which takes time to warm up. Dimmable LED downlights are also available either by using a 7W Philips Master MR16 LED bulb and a fire rated low energy downlight or our new 1x10W LED downlights which are supplied with a dimmable LED driver.

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