Do You Know The Lux Level Of Soccer Field Lighting

- May 05, 2018-

Do You Know The Lux Level Of Soccer Field Lighting?

First, introduction of 11-a-side soccer field:

      Venue area: The playing field should be rectangular, its length must not be more than 120 meters or less than 90 meters, and its width should not be more than 90 meters or less than 45 meters (the length of the international competition venue should not be more than 110 meters or less than 100 meters. The width must not be more than 75 meters or less than 64 meters.) In any case, the length must exceed the width. Campus football field is generally 105 meters * 68 meters = 71402 meters.

      Second, the introduction of standard seven-a-side football field :

      Site area: 65-68 meters long, 45-48 meters wide.

      The standard of illumination for the football stadium of the third and the fifth (GB):

      Amateur competition (training): 150lx-300lx;

      General competition: 300lx-500lx;

      Official competition: 500lx—750lx—higher (1500lx);

1, installation environment description:

      The height of the surrounding area of the outdoor venue is between 4 and 6 meters. Depending on the surrounding environment of the stadium and the height of the building, the height may also be increased or decreased. For stadiums where lighting is to be installed, lighting should not be provided on both sides of the outdoor court and on the sidelines, except for the distribution of indoor roof lighting. Outdoor stadium lighting should be set on both sides of the fence from the ground more than 6 meters above the ground, the light from the scene on both sides of the stadium evenly.

      2, professional advice:

      a. The light source of the soccer field lighting should adopt energy saving pioneer LED flood light (white light or yellow light);

      b. Lamps must be illuminated in a wide area, reflectors must be clear, and integrated lamps and lanterns must be used.

      c. The power of the light source adopts 12-24 LED floodlights according to the lamp height, cloth density and lighting requirements;

      d, according to different levels of competition, lights can be grouped and controlled;

      e. The height of the luminaire should be 6-8 meters. It should be installed in the position of the person's visual position.

      f. Larger distance between lamps and lanterns, the degree of glare will be lighter;



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