Do You Know The Illumination Standard For Gas Stations?

- May 18, 2018-

Do You Know The Illumination Standard For Gas Stations?

Gas stations light in urban centers, the surrounding environment is relatively bright, or gas stations with relatively many competitors use high illumination standards (200Lx), and other environments use low illumination standards (150Lx).

In order to make the actual illumination level of the lighting place not lower than the specified average illuminance value, the luminous flux attenuation of the light source should be considered in the lighting design, and the illuminance caused by the lamps and the pollution of the surface of the refueling area should be reduced. Therefore, according to the characteristics of environmental pollution and the number of luminaire wipes Determine the corresponding maintenance factor, generally take 0.75, in the particularly polluted area to take 0.65.

Under normal circumstances, the design illuminance value and the illumination standard value may have a deviation of ±10%.

The “power value of lighting power” is used to represent the energy saving indicator. The values in the above table represent the entire shelter area. 8W/m2 corresponds to the illumination standard 150Lx/50Lx. 10W/m2 corresponds to the illumination standard 200Lx/100Lx.


The lighting standard of gas station shelters subdivided the shelter area into the main operating area (work area) and the non-main operating area adjacent to the work area (working adjacent area), and put forward corresponding standards respectively, which can be improved in a more energy-saving way. The purpose of the appearance of the gas station.

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